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Friday, February 16, 2018

Review: Frat Hell

Title: Frat Hell
Author: SM Shade

Frat Hell.

That’s how the whole neighborhood refers to the apartment where I live with three other college students. It’s a bit judgmental, considering the neighborhood we live in is more like a zoo than an apartment complex, but not inaccurate. If you put that many young guys together, things are bound to be interesting. I still maintain that the giant water guns filled with poison ivy water were not my idea.

January Dixon.

She’s the girl I’ve lusted after for years. A smart mouth and sharp tongue surrounded by soft beauty and a body I’d give up an organ just to touch. An important organ, like a kidney, not one of those lame ones like a gallbladder.

It’s a tricky situation since she lives right down the street, and dating a neighbor generally isn’t a good idea. But this is Violent Circle, where normal may as well be a dirty word. Thanks to an impromptu fashion show where I tossed all self-respect aside and strutted my stuff in full bondage gear in front of our small town, she now owes me a date.

And I plan to collect.


Where do i even start with this book? Ok, first it is book 2 in the Violent Circle series, and although you don't NEED to read book one (Scarlet Toys), you definitely SHOULD!
Frat Hell is the apartment building on Violent Circle that is housing college students- four friends and roommates.
Noble has been wanting Jani for awhile, and when she gave him a date, and he completed it- he plans on collecting- a date with her.
Jani is a worker at Scarlet Toys, the sex shop that had opened up in town. She decides to finally give Noble that date he's been wanting.
But both living on violent circle hilarity ensues. Will there be a date number 2?
I loved this book. Seriously, i loved it. I love a book that can pull out emotion from me- and this book makes me laugh out loud & grin & smile like a damn fool. SM Shade really knows how to bring the funny- with some sexy, sweet, cute and moments of drama.
I don't want to give anything away- but just know this is a book that you definitely should read. Find out more about Noble, Frat Hell, Jani, and Violent Circle in this book. 5⭐ out of 5⭐.

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