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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Book Tag: 90's Movie Book Tag

Hello Everyone! It is Sunday again, which means its time for another book tag. I came across this tag over on Sincerly Karenjo's Blog so don't forget to to on over and chrck out her answers. 
This tag looked like so much fun. I mean, i grew up on 90s movies, so how cool is combining the two, right? 
Without further delay, unto the tag! 


She’s All That

Name a book couple that is an odd pairing but they still fit perfectly
Juliana and Shane from Imagine Me by Fiona Cole. Seriously, they were so cute together, but he was a detective at the police department eho didn't want a family because of his job, and she was a quirky, fun scientist who of course did. There was a 13 year she difference (favoring him). But they were so cute together. 


10 Things I Hate About You

A book/series that you have a love hate relationship with
The Royals series by Erin Watt. OMG I loved these books. But the cliffhangers at the end had me screaming in frustration. I always NEED to know what happens next in a story so when it just ends like that? Yeah it drives me crazy. 



A character that is totally clueless but you love them anyway
I cannot think of one at this moment. Honestly one will probably randomly come to me later today though haha. I know there are times where i've read clueless characters, but I cannot tell you who they are right now, haha. 



Name a book that made you cry
OMG there are so many! Haha. I am such an emotional reader (and tv watcher...) Besides the obvious ones (like TFIOS) I am also going to say Lord of Shadows. God that ending had me sobbing at like 2am.  


American Pie

A book that makes you laugh
Scarlet Toys and Frat Hell by SM Shade both had me laughing so hard, I loved it. 


Can’t Hardly Wait

A book with a crazy party
Paper Princess by Erin Watt nothing like a party for rich bored kids, am i right? Its not the only party, but probably the most recent ones I read.


Cruel Intentions

Name a character you can never fully trust
I can't think of one. I mean, besides the obvious villains of course. Maybe I am too trusting? Haha. 


Drive Me Crazy

Name your favorite “boy next door” or “girl next door” couple
Drew and Courtney from Checkmate This is Reckless/Effortless by Kennedy Fox. It was a friends to lovers romance, and they were so cute together. I mean, I love Travis King (from this is War/Love) but Drew & Courtney was my favorite couple! 



A book with a memorable villain
The Darkling from the Grisha Trilogy, and Amarantha from ACOTAR. I loved the Darkling, he will be one of my favorite villains (I mean, besides the Joker from Batman of course). But in terms of being a good villainthen i would say Amarantha. She was cunning, and just evil. I hated her. I also hated Tamlin from book 2 on out. He was an ass. 


The Craft

Name a book with witches
I haven't read many books with witches despite owning a few. I mean, i did read most of the Vampire Diaries series (except the last 3). I also own a Discovery of Witches, but i haven't read it yet. 

I hope you enjoyed reading my replies!
If you would like to participate in this tag, consider yourself tagged! Don't forget to mention me, so i can read your replies too! 

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