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Monday, April 2, 2018

Review: The Art of Dating

Title: The Art of Dating
Author: Ellie Messe
Releases: April 6th, 2018

Six months ago, I was naïve, stupid, and whiney.
I believed in second chances.
Even when I was boyfriend-less, apartment less, and my best friend was on me about moving on.

Five months ago, one insignificant moment changed everything.
I met Logan.
I agreed to undergo his ridiculous boot camp to get Cole back.

Last month, a blip in time knocked my world on its axis.
It threw me into free fall without the courtesy of a warning or a safety net.

Yesterday, I ruined everything.
One action that broke two hearts.
I used to believe in second chances.

My name is Devina Marshal; this is the story of how everything went to shit.


So, at first i wasn't going to start this book right away, bc i was super busy all day Sunday when i first got it. But after putting mini me to bed, i thought, oh, i will read a few chapters before going to bed myself. BOY WAS I WRONG!
The Art of Dating follows Davine, and how she is still wanting her ex-boyfriend Cole back. So, when she meets Logan who decides to help her try to win him back- she hesitantly agrees. Because what could possibly go wrong with that? Apparently everything.
"It's like a cliffhanger at the end of a really good book, you're floored by how great it was, but at the same time, you feel disappointment that it's over And physically ache to continue."
I loved this story. It was cute, fun, and light. I loved Logan- how could I not? And i related to Davine, probably more than i should have throughout the book. I loved getting lost in the story, and just a few chapters turned into me staying up half the night to finish the story. Because, who the hell needs sleep when there s answers to be had! And I needed answers. Yes, i will be paying for this in misery tomorrow, but right now? I'm blissfully happy, if not a little tired. I give this book 4.5⭐ out of 5⭐. I didn't want it to end.

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