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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Review: Lets Get Textual

Title: Lets Get Textual
Author: Teagan Hunter

A wrong number is supposed to be just that--a wrong number.

Delete. Done.

Do not continue to text. Do not flirt.

A wrong number shouldn't be the first person on your mind in the morning, or the last at night...and you're definitely not supposed to talk them into buying a baby goat.

Because that would be weird.

When Zach Hastings and I get into a wrong-number mix-up, we don't follow the rules. We keep texting and flirting, because he's wicked funny and perfectly nerdy and a wonderful distraction.

I'm not looking for love, and Zach definitely had the wrong number.

But maybe...

Maybe he's the right guy. 


Oh my god. I loved this book. It had me laughing so damn good. 
Delia receives a text from an unknown number- she thinks its her brother, he thinks its a client. But when they realize the mistake, instead of deleting the number, they continue, texting, flirting, and she even convinces him to buy a baby goat.
So what happens when their meet-cute turns into a full fledged crush?
Seriously, Delia and Zach's relationship was just too cute. I loved every moment of it. I love books that can pull emotion from me- and this one sure did. From laughter, to swooning. I loved Zach & he definitely found a place in my book boyfriend crazed heart... Ok, so maybe I have issues falling for countless book men... But he was just the cutest...and he bought a goat. I mean who does that? I want a randbro friend now haha. But I am drifting off topic, I loved this book .you guys should read this book. Like it was more than just cute, and swoony- but full of nerdy geekness- after my own heart i tell ya! Seriously, 4.5⭐ out of 5⭐. I'm debating on if i want to dive into I wanna Text you up tonight or wait until morning, because chances are if I start, I may not put it down haha.

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