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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Review: No One But Us

Title: No One But Us
Author: Elizabeth O'Roark
Release Date: July 18, 2018

She's my little sister's best friend. And exactly who I should NOT be spending a summer with...
The last time I saw Elle, she was a child. A Harry Potter-obsessed 13-year-old with a penchant for fan fiction and following me around. Six years later she’s on my doorstep. The braces are gone. The “Team Gryffindor” t-shirt’s been replaced with a bikini the size of my index finger. And I can’t get her out of my head, no matter how hard I try.
Except she’s still the girl I’m not allowed to have, the center of a secret I hope she never learns.
Resisting what I feel for Elle Grayson is the only way to protect my family. But am I willing to break both our hearts in the process?


Elizabeth O'Roark is a new to me author. And I am now sitting here wondering why I waited so long to pick up one of her books! No One But Us follows Ellie- who has had a huge crush on her best friend's brother her whole life,- and James who sees that Ellie isn't just a little girl in braces anymore. When they are roommates for the entire summer things heat up with both of them wanting want they can't have. James can't have Ellie for numerous reasons- one being she's only 19 and he's 25. He used to babysit her- she is still just a kid! Another being she is the center of a secret between her parents that he doesn't even want to know about... Ellie can't have James- he is her best friends brother. He is older, and still views her as just a kid. And he has a girlfriend. But can they both resist what they desperately want- each other? Or will their hearts be broken before the summer comes to an end?
This book has major push and pull between these characters. Plus loads of secrets,  scandals, and drama in both Ellie and James family. Once I picked up this book I couldn't put it down and I want so much more from these characters and Elizabeth's writting that I will definitely have to pick up more of her books.
I loved both Ellie and James characters and even Max (one of the side characters). I felt so bad for Ellie, and everything she has put up with, but loved how the book played out. 4.5⭐ out of 5 ⭐. 

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